A home for your next note-to-self.

Leornian is a free tool for writing, sharing, and reviewing notes.

For the lifelong learners and knowledge hoarders

Leornian is for you if you love learning even just in small daily doses. It’s for you if you’ve ever had the habit of jotting down short notes that you tuck away with the intention of revisiting from time to time, to return to whenever you feel stuck and need a little nugget of wisdom or insight to boost your day.

Sharing powerful bytes of knowledge

The notes you write on Leornian contribute to a digital commons, and it’s a good place for those who enjoy sharing knowledge for its pure and intrinsic pleasures. But it’s not a social network, and you can go on typing away just for yourself. It’s just that whenever you feel like it, a new note absolutely free for you to save to your own collection is only a few taps away.

Summoning serendipity

The same words can speak to us in different ways through the days and years, but we often review our notes in a linear, predictable order that can be tedious and ineffective. Leornian, through a simple and transparent algorithm, allows you to review your notes in a fun fashion that encourages active reflection and invites creativity.

Trivia: “leornian” is the Old English word from which “learn” comes from.

Free as in beer

Leornian is a passion project, not for profit, powered solely by volunteer service.

Free as in speech

The platform stands on the shoulders of open-source giants, and is itself open-sourced.

No lock-in

Easily and completely export your notes collection using standard formats.

Rich formatting

Work with basic Markdown syntaxes to write clearer and more effective notes.

The common good

Contents are Creative Commons-licensed, following a model used by great public websites.


Leornian can be a focused home for your text snippets, more peaceful and less distracting than social media platforms.

More coming soon

Leornian is under development, and more useful features will arrive soon.

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